Commissioned for a villa in the South of France, located on the hills of Sainte Maxime. The table is fabricated from a solid maple wood. Utilising pure and simple lines expressed in a rectangular tabletop and cylindrical legs.


A central element in the villa, which looks "as though they had always been there”, according to the client.


The apparent simplicity is contrasted by a subtle ripple texture hand carved onto the bottom side of the tabletop. It is a tactile reminder of the labour and crafted skills put into fabricating the project, whilst also mirroring the ripples of the bay down the hill.


Hand-crafted from the same maple wood and using a consistent wood junction they establish a sense of collection to the project.


The two complementary designs bring volume to the space. They utilise the same stackable frame, though each with it’s own distinct backrest.


By simply cutting the plywood in two different ways I was able to create two chairs with a contrasting feel. This diversity gives a more natural quality to the collection; as if the chairs had been collected throughout the years.

© 2016 Timothée Mion. All rights reserved.

Photography: Bart Pajak


A table

A Set of chairs